Effectively implement the product strategy by means of a product reference manager

industry: Telecom

The challenge

Within the B2B segment, our telecom client has challenges in implementing its product and distribution strategy as it lacks insights on product revenue and product performance. Due to a heterogenous IT landscape, products are not uniformly identified across the different internal systems. The legacy product taxonomy was outdated, leading to a low level of confidence in the data, resulting in people using their own (local) reports and business logic, further adding to the complexity and heterogeneity.

There was a lack of governance around product information management. Some products were not identifiable within the source systems mostly due to business process workarounds. Moreover, a lack of insights on the level of product revenue impeded commercial steering as the distribution strategy required steering mechanisms that facilitate differentiation between products.

Our client required a solution that ensures one truth for product performance reporting, regardless of system or organization.

The solution

Our solutions focused on 2 streams:

  1. We created a roadmap to enable product identification within the various source applications, requiring us to also co-ordinate a business process redesign.
  2. We designed and implemented an agnostic product reference manager that creates a single source of truth for products and maps these to product codes within the multiple sources:
      • cataloguing product source codes through uniform product labels.
      • containing a commercial product taxonomy (product roll up) capable of including multiple taxonomies for different purposes (e.g. marketing taxonomy vs. product taxonomy).
      • integration with the data-warehouse to guarantee the lead as single source for reporting on product performance.
      • strict governance is arranged in order to ensure high data quality and data trust throughout the entire organization.

The result

Our solution contributes to a better implementation of the distribution strategy. The solution also formed the basis to construct a product P&L and enables linkage of sales to revenue on product level, contributing to transparency within the value chain that is needed to detect revenue leakage.


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