A complete integrated overview of the end customer with reliable data

Industry: Telecom

The Challenge

A leading company in Dutch telecom’s large enterprise market wants to transform itself into a digital service provider. In this transformation data is key. The company experienced two main data challenges:

  1. There was no complete overview of all the data related to end customers. The existing data was merely stored and used according to functional silos (for example, sales data in a sales system, billing data in a billing system etc.)
  2. The data was not reliable, it was inconsistent, or in some cases incorrect or even missing.

Precedence proposed a solution whereby both challenges would be tackled. Next to this our solution provided a basis for further innovation and additional benefits.


The solution

The solution design Precedence proposed to overcome the challenges included the use of the newest mesh-data technology. Together with two partners Precedence shaped and implemented a program to develop and deploy a platform that delivers a complete granular customer overview, named a CustomerMicroDatabase.

Having all the data from the functional sources presented in a single screen solved the first challenge, realizing a complete integrated overview of the end customer.

Secondly, Precedence designed, implemented and executed a data cleaning process to solve the data quality & reliability issues. Making use of both business knowledge and data engineering skills, complex business rules were implemented to analyze the data quality and relate this to the business relevance. Processes and dashboards were implemented to steer on the benefits of the data cleaning efforts. The resulting platform we delivered is capable of analyzing data quality, cleaning the data for specific use cases and further functions as a data transportation application.


The result

The solution delivered benefits for the Precedence customer on multiple key performance indicators:

Operational Efficiency

  • Having a complete overview of the customer saves time in Sales & Service departments. E.g Analyzing the database or efficiently finding correct customer information
  • Reliable data increases ‘first time right’ and thereby saves time for the organization

Customer Satisfaction

  • Having reliable data positively impacts the Net Promoter Score due to the decrease of lead times and accurate communication

Revenue assurance

  • The business rules identified revenue at risk. Expired contracts with active products and revenue. Steering on this data lead to renewed and rescued contracts
  • Having insights in the complete customer structure and database increased the billing accuracy

The total benefit potential recognized by the successful program was approximately €6 mio per year.


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