Compliance to GDPR legislation worldwide while ensuring standardization and data quality

industry: Finance / Banking

The challenge

To comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) the client, as an internationally operating financial institution, was required to set up, maintain and manage a ‘Record of Processing Activities’ repository and further to conduct Data Protection Impact Assessments for all data subject to such processing activities. The tactical solutions which the client had in place were found to be inadequate according to the findings of the Internal Auditor and therefore needed to be redressed with a structural solution ensuring completeness, accuracy and consistency of all records. Precedence was asked to design this solution and to supervise its development and roll-out.

The solution

Using Precedence’s in-house developed approach and in-depth knowledge of the organization, legislation, process architecture and tooling, our team designed the structural solution. Data required by the legislation was linked to process information and was supported by workflows to ensure completeness, accuracy and consistency. Our solution further increased the instances of automation within the processes.

Precedence supervised the IT development and configuration of the involved applications and executed the full enterprise roll-out. Despite being challenged by the numerous requirements and legislation from all countries, the corporate IT requirements of the customer itself and the time pressure, the projects were delivered within scope, time & budget, a hallmark of Precedence’s approach in which we take great pride.

The result

The customer has a sustainable and structural solution to comply with GDPR legislation. Next to this the solution delivers the following benefits for the customer:


  • Standard data definitions
  • Harmonized processes

 Data Quality
The solution adheres to the data quality principles:

  • Completeness
  • Accuracy
  • Consistency

As an additional secondary benefit, the above solutions have also led to more efficiency in performing and reporting which will ensure continued gains for the client going forwards which were beyond our original scope.


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