Digitization of the work process to ensure transparency, efficiency, consistency and measurability

industry: Petrochemical

The challenge

Our client ensures the safety and integrity of pressure equipment in its clients’ plants, conformant to the standards relating to pressure equipment. For one of their core processes there was no clarity on the quality of implementation and levels of performance thereof. Precedence’s analysis identified a number of points of attention:

  1. a lack of transparency about case status and history
  2. inconsistent execution & output
  3. susceptibility to error
  4. lack of control information
  5. scattered procedural inefficiencies

Root cause of these issues is the fact that this process is mainly executed manually: the degree of automation was less than 10%.

The solution

We proposed to digitize this process with the aim to increase transparency, efficiency, consistency and measurability. We supervised a supplier selection process whereby we identified software suppliers and coordinated the project to completion. Precedence designed the functionality of the application and oversaw the implementation of the application together with our development / implementation partner.

The result

Digitization of the work process improves our client’s services and helps operational employees in the execution of the process so that they can focus on their core tasks, achieving this through:

  1. Transparency
    a. Real-time insight into the status of a case
    b. Insight into case history
    c. Clarity for the customer’s clients concerning delivery times
  1. Efficiency
    a. Less manual errors by integrating with other systems
    b. Accelerated turnaround time of the process
  1. Consistency
    a. Predictability through execution of business rules by the application
  1. Measurability
    a. Steering information for management
    b. Insights into improvement potential in the work process


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