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the best.

As a big company you need to stay ahead of the game. That’s why we transform change into improvement. With smart technology and creative thinking. So we get the best out of systems, out of people and out of you.

Transform the past

Large organizations face complex challenges. In a rapidly changing world you have to keep developing in order to grow. And that means that sometimes things have to change. But for us, change always has to be for the better. We look at the past, take what is good and make it better. We transform it into what is needed in the present.

Improve the present

We become part of the process and share our knowledge and experience to understand the complexity of things. We have the ability and capability to challenge the problems we face along the way. With smart technology and creative thinking. We improve the transformation process and add value to organizations as longtime trusted partner. 

Shape the future

It takes time, commitment and dedication to keep growing. You need to keep moving forward. With a clear vision an open mind and the best people for the job. We stand united to get the best out of technology, systems and people. With longtime trusted partners and members of our team. Because we build the future together. 

Our expertise.

As specialists in change management, business architecture and digital transformation we help large organizations in various industries as banking, finance, insurance and telecom with their transformation process.

We are at our best when we become part of an organization and use our exprerience to get the best out of systems and people. Because for us being data driven is not just about building tools or developing skills, but most importantly about understanding organizational structures and cultures and finding new ways to improve them instead of just changing them.

Our transformers are tech based creative thinkers that help shape the future of big corporates with usable solutions and measurable results. We are the smart part of transformation.


Change management


Digital transformation


Process architecture


Business architecture


Smart technology


Creative thinking

Trusted partners.

Building long term relationship with trusted partners. That is what we have been standing for since our beginnings. And that is exactly what has built Precedence to what it is today. Because trust always wins. And adds value. It gives a sense of belonging that is essential in the growth of any organization. It is the foundation of every lasting relationship. And a lasting relationship is the most precious asset.

We have built strong alliances with leading organizations in the fields of banking, insurance, telecom, automotive, government, pharma and healthcare. Co-operative banks, communication networks, manufacturing companies, fintech companies, government institutions and healthcare companies have all trusted us to do our job.  

And we don’t stop. We continue to invest in our partners so they can do what they do best. Whether it’s selling goods, producing food, offer financial services or providing technological solutions. We improve revenue.

Work with us.

We only want the best people for the job. And we want to get the best out of you. So we can give our best to our partners.
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